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Adult Karate

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.

Gichin Funakoshi
Founder of Shotokan Karate

Better yourself with every class

Adults who study Karate discover how to look within themselves for their best traits. They improve their self-motivation and better focus on things that truly matter rather than concern for what others think.

Karate will dramatically improve your self-esteem and reduce stress from the crazy days, work, and overloaded to-do lists. You will feel better about yourself and your life.

It’s also an incredible way to exercise. It builds core strength and cardiovascular fitness, and it’s so fun that you don’t even realize that you are shredding calories and fat. You’ll want to do it, and you’ll feel great!

Lastly, but importantly, Karate provides a great set of skills that will allow you to defend yourself or your family if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation. 


  • Dramatically improve fitness & health
  • Build confidence for every aspect of life
  • Enhance mental health & overall happiness
  • Be around other motivated, positive, supportive people

Our Karate program for adults is designed for all skill and fitness levels.


Come try martial arts and us out --- on us. No cost nor obligation. We'll provide everything you need.

We offer an all inclusive Karate program from beginner to advanced or even international champion, if that’s your desire.

A feature many of our adult program members love is the ability to participate in the kids karate classes (age 8+) along with their children. This significantly expands the number of practice opportunities, but more importantly brings families closer together doing something fun, healthy, and rewarding.

Whether you are just looking for a fun and dynamic way to improve physical fitness while learning self defense or you want to compete at local and or world levels.  Our programs are for everyone!

Karate will challenge you physically and mentally, and you will become better for it.  It truly will help transform your life!