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Kids Karate

Martial arts are just as much about building character as about learning to fight.

Dan Roberts
American martial artist and actor

Give the gift of confidence, discipline, and bully prevention

Our kids karate program is for ages 4-13 years old and classes are divided into groups based on age and rank or level of experience.

  • Classes for ages 4-7 emphasize strong basic skills, focus, and overall fitness. Young children gain proficiency in fundamental martial arts technique using age-appropriate activities.
  • Classes for ages 8 and up introduce more advanced technique using a combination of traditional and modern training methods.  One feature of these classes that many families love is the ability for adults to train with their kids. Training as a family is a rewarding and bonding experience.

Karate provides tremendous character development, increases confidence, improves focus, and enhances health and fitness.  In short, your kid will receive an incredible martial arts, fitness, and character building experience that will improve every aspect of their life.

  • Get into great shape & improve functional fitness for all sports
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve respect, discipline, and self-control
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Prevent bullying
  • Meet other great kids


Come try martial arts and us out --- on us. No cost nor obligation. We'll provide everything you need.

Our classes enforce a safety-first mentality.  They are engaging and accessible for all skill and interest levels.  Whether your kid just wants a fun way to improve fitness and self confidence, learn how to protect themselves, or they want to make Karate a sport for competition purposes, our program and instruction flexes to accommodate.

Fitness & Athletic Enhancement
Karate training demands a balance between the five elements of fitness:

  1. cardio endurance
  2. muscle endurance
  3. muscle strength
  4. flexibility, and
  5. body composition (percentage of fat, bone, water, and muscle).

There is a reason why so many professional teams in nearly every major sport supplement their training with martial arts. In addition to increasing strength, balance, and flexibility, martial arts training improves general coordination because it uses every part of the body in a balanced way. At Nishime Martial Arts, we use specific exercises to work upper body, lower body, right side, left side, forward movement, lateral movement, and rotational movement.

We use both traditional and modern training methods to make kids healthier, fitter, and help them  prepare for any athletic endeavor they pursue.


We tell our students to “Learn to fight so that you don’t have to.” We’ve seen through experience that as children become more confident in their ability to defend themselves through martial arts, their need to defend themselves decreases. Without really trying, they begin carrying themselves in a more confident manner and this confidence lets those around them know that they are not an easy target.

Bullying is a serious social issue and epidemic in schools today, and it has ripple effects throughout our communities.

  • 280,000 kids are physically attacked each month
  • Every 7 minutes a kid is bullied on a playground in the US
  • Every year, 3 million children miss school due to bullying
  • 70% of students believe schools respond poorly to bullying and that adult help is infrequent

Don’t let your child be a victim – give them the power to end bullying today!


of students are bullied

were physically attacked last year

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Martial arts training at Nishime Martial Arts leads to improved confidence in kids for several reasons. First, there are no bench sitters. Every child participates. Second, students are judged against their own improvement and potential instead of being compared to others. Third, children are given a series of realistic, short-term goals that they can reach quickly while keeping them focused on an exciting long-term goal. Each time they experience success, their confidence improves. 

Personal Growth
Karate is full of personal growth lessons that will come straight from the mats.

  • Through self-discipline, commitment, and perseverance, you can accomplish anything.
  • Improving focus and concentration helps you ignore distractions and fully immerse yourself in activities – at school, in sport, or at home.
  • Patience pays off.
  • When you are healthy and fit, you feel better about yourself.

Respect and Courtesy
We also we stress the importance of respect, courtesy, and restraint. Children are taught to only use their skills when they have no other alternative. People who are skilled in karate and other martial arts are generally extremely respectful, considerate and composed and you will find great role models for these qualities in our instructors.