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For me, the martial arts is a search for something inside. It’s not just a physical discipline.

Brandon Lee
Actor, martial artist, son of Bruce Lee

Expand your Karate experience and skills

Yamanni Ryu is the study of Okinawan weaponry whose primary weapon is the bo (staff). Tradition maintains that Sakugawa Kanga, entrusted with the protection of prominent Okinawan families, learned the art in China. It was passed along to the Chinen family where it was refined by Chinen Sanda, also known as Yammani Tanmei, where he developed the bouncing bo concept. His grandson Chinen Masami named the style after him.

The hallmark of this style is its dynamic, fluid movement, where the bo and body are in nearly constant motion. This requires all practionioners to develop strong body mechanics to take full advantage of the techniques.  Many people have found that learning yamanni ryu has enhanced their karate training through development of these body mechanics. Yamanni ryu training will improve coordination, dexterity, strength, and focus as these are necessary to master the art.

Although the bo is the primary weapon, Yamanni ryu also utilizes short weapons such as the sai, kama, tonfa and nunchaku as secondary weapons.


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